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I'm Josephine, a graduate of the animation and interactive media course at the RMIT University, Melbourne. I am currently working as a graphic designer in my peaceful hometown of Brunei, a small country surrounded by the tropical rainforest of Borneo.

My interests include design, anime, food, food and food.
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I don’t really do colorful stuff but the psychedelic theme just popped into my mind abruptly. Spotlight Psychedelic is a fictional event which I have no idea about. It’s a promotional poster for the fictional (again) company I created for my manga. What the event is about I have no idea but I’ll probably work on that in my script.

The paint images are courtesy of Media Militia, arguably the best tutorial/inspirational/tutorial design site I have ever come across.

A poster featuring some of the young talents of my fictional design company called SPOTLIGHT (why I came up with that name I have no idea, it was on a whim).

Just some of the things I do when I get bored.

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