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I'm Josephine, a graduate of the animation and interactive media course at the RMIT University, Melbourne. I am currently working as a graphic designer in my peaceful hometown of Brunei, a small country surrounded by the tropical rainforest of Borneo.

My interests include design, anime, food, food and food.
Posts tagged anime

Following the recent Muppets craze, I came up with a Kermit t-shirt design. 

Stock photo of hand holding the iPhone is courtesy of Google Image.

Still playing around with the old chibi picture. I’m so bogged down with work nowadays that I don’t even have the strength to draw when I get home at the end of the day. I’m so glad today’s a Friday. Have got to reward myself with froyo, probably.

Ambling along the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo.

Background image is courtesy of Google Image.

A poster featuring some of the young talents of my fictional design company called SPOTLIGHT (why I came up with that name I have no idea, it was on a whim).

Just some of the things I do when I get bored.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Do add some pink in your daily ensemble! 

A random sketch since I’m home alone and bored on a Saturday night. This piece of work is inspired by food, as always. I wonder why.

This dude is Ryo-kun, an illustrator who makes ends meet by working as a part-time chef. Just for the record, he’s a lefty.

One of my characters, Mr. T on the streets of Prague.

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