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I'm Josephine, a graduate of the animation and interactive media course at the RMIT University, Melbourne. I am currently working as a graphic designer in my peaceful hometown of Brunei, a small country surrounded by the tropical rainforest of Borneo.

My interests include design, anime, food, food and food.
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I don’t really do colorful stuff but the psychedelic theme just popped into my mind abruptly. Spotlight Psychedelic is a fictional event which I have no idea about. It’s a promotional poster for the fictional (again) company I created for my manga. What the event is about I have no idea but I’ll probably work on that in my script.

The paint images are courtesy of Media Militia, arguably the best tutorial/inspirational/tutorial design site I have ever come across.

A little photoshop fun to occupy the quiet night. As uncreative as it sounds, this piece of artwork is called the ‘Diamond Lens’. It’s so much fun working with diamonds and sparkly stuff.

A poster featuring some of the young talents of my fictional design company called SPOTLIGHT (why I came up with that name I have no idea, it was on a whim).

Just some of the things I do when I get bored.

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