A Designer's 'Block'

I'm Josephine, a graduate of the animation and interactive media course at the RMIT University, Melbourne. I am currently working as a graphic designer in my peaceful hometown of Brunei, a small country surrounded by the tropical rainforest of Borneo.

My interests include design, anime, food, food and food.

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Wordpress portfolio

After a few months of tumblr-ing, I felt that Wordpress still fulfills my blogging needs. No offence, tumblr, you’re still as awesome. I have moved all my art-related posts to this site as below:


Thank you to those who have followed me and liked my posts.

Check out my artwork at Abduzeedo under Jo On! 

Following the recent Muppets craze, I came up with a Kermit t-shirt design. 

Random name card I did for my character, Satoshi, a¬†fashion photographer. This was designed on a whim that I even got Japan’s country code wrong. Lol, not that it matters.

I used the same stock picture of the hand from the previous post because I could not find a better one so credit goes to the person who took that particular shot.

Stock photo of hand holding the iPhone is courtesy of Google Image.

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy the yule season!

The new facebook timeline has this rad cover image feature. And here is what I uploaded as mine. I’m really loving this new Facebook layout!

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